2015 F/W New Arrival Coat Collection

Coat can be worn in both formal and casual occasion.

Trench coat is highly durable and and functional.

Tailored coat is simple and basic that can be worn for daily look.

Long coat that reaches ankle level is a classic one, but yet still trendy.

There’re various kinds of coat widely admired.

Let’s find your kind of coat from itsmestyle this time.

1. Basic Trench Coat20151001_10385620151001_10383420151001_103827Wholesale Price: $43.7 USD

Color: Black, Wine, Cocoa

Size: Free

Classic trench coat.

Traditional trench coat can be quite excessive on ornamentation.

This coat is quite simple for trench coat.

Flap design and double adjustments, string on waist.

It can be matched well with any inner wears.

 Detail images20151001_10392520151001_10390920151001_103916

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2. Straight Fit Basic Coat
20151001_10503020151001_10504120151001_105138Wholesale Price: $44.85 USD

Color: Black, Brown, Khaki

Size: Free

Straight fir tailored coat.

Long collar is simple and classy.

Good to be worn with dress or jeans.

Detail images

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3. Straight Fit String Coat
20151001_10592920151001_10590620151001_105919Wholesale Price: $40.25 USD

Color: Beige, Black, Khaki

Size: Free

Womanish Coat.

Rayon and Poly material. Texture feels great.

Flap on front and back.

Very natural fit when worn.

Detail images

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4.  Shoulder Strap Trench Coat20151001_11143120151001_11141620151001_111405Wholesale Price: $57.5 USD

Color: Dark Beige

Size: Free

Coat is a bit thick.

Poly+Rayon+Spandex material. Very high quality.

Details on shoulder.

Classic H-line fit.

Adjustable waist line with a strap.

Detail images

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